With Juan Diego, Weston dresses up!

With Juan Diego

Weston dresses up

By Evelyn Alcala, evelyn@ciudadweston.com
SAM_0229Juan Diego (JD), is his stage name. He is a classical music pianist at 8 years of age, 5 months of which he’s lived in Weston, he has created an infinite world of music outside and inside of himself.

We heard him play the piano for the first time at an event in the Weston Library two weeks ago. He played several pieces concerto like on an Allegro Sonatina FA Major of Beethoven. We were impressed by his youth and by his talent. That is why we had him come out to our office for an interview.
Since the age of 2 and a half, JD was attracted to the music he heard at his home from his birth. He turned it into a passion. His parents say that when he was 3, he asked to bring back from a trip to London a violin. But it was the Piano that later became part of his life and he started to offer concerts up to 16 at a time. He won the National contest for Piano Silvia Eisenstein competing against 12 year olds. JD has always played against older Pianist given his large repertoire.

At Country Isles Elementary school in Weston, JD is in 2nd grade. He loves his school that has supported him greatly. His teacher, Ms. Mendoza finds out he is a Pianist and has then supported him all the way. JD has learned to balance his studies, Tennis, Theatre and Football with Piano classes which he does for two hours a day after school homework.

As all musicians, JD understands about musical genres. He likes to listen to the Beatles and Mickeal Jackson. He likes to improvise and compose and write his own music. One of his songs is “One single night for Mozart” with 5 preludes and  Sonatines. He has written a book with many Sonatas. He gets his inspiration in colors like yellow, musical notes, Woody Woodpecker, the Barça team, Star Wars, Amadeus and Harry Potter.

SAM_0230JD did not stop surprising us. He is writing a manuscript for his Grandfather called  “The beach with the big wave”. In it, a thunderbolt sent down by the military generates a big wave which threatens life on earth and his friends working in teamwork save it. His friends are his school mates, Sam, Mauricio, Fabiana, Andres, Mauricio Ortiz, Johnathan and Cloe.

JD has a beautiful family. His parents, Simon Molina and Ingrid Chapellin and his littler brother Ignacio (Nachi) molina arrived at the United States as immigrants seeking opportunities for his two little ones. Simon Molina is a renown classical and concerto Pianist who studied in London Viena and has dedicated himself to teaching music for more than 20 years in his own  “Academia Waldstein” in Caracas for children under 3 and a half.

We end this interview with regret to say goodbye to this enlightened child. He is the one who left,  saying that “my biggest dream is to play at the Carnagie Hall in New York”.


We have little doubt that he will someday. What do you think?

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