By: Omaira Cardona Martinez

Dreaming is a natural and innate condition of all human beings. All, even less ambition people have dreams, projects and yearnings for a better quality of life possible. Dreaming should not be a right to fight for or a reason for disagreements. We are all Dreamers

Facts like uncertainties, violence and unsatisfied basic needs should be met with urgencies and force the need to many citizens to flee their homeland. More tan a problem, immigration ought to be an opportunity and a direct result of the evolution of humanity motivated by the wish of a better life for all. Immigration has always existed and Will continue to exist. Demographics, conflicts among nations, internal crisis, natural phenomenon’s like climate change, inestabilities and inequalities are ever increasing just like unmet needs in labor markets. They are all circumstances that will continue to generate unrest in many places.

According to the last report of the International Organization of Immigration, there are closed to 245 million immigrants in the world, more than 3% of the world population. Dreamers all who more than a problem, they can become an opportunity to complement the economy of the host countries. By continents, it is Europe, the biggest receptor on the planet with more tan 76 million, followed by Asia which takes in 75 million and North America which takes in 51 million. The country with the biggest migration of its citizens is India with 16 million nationals living abroad its borders, followed by Mexico, Russia and China

The United States is the nation with the highest number of immigrants in the world and that is why the so called “American Dream”, has not vanished. USA has been the main receptor of the migration movement in the world in the last 25 years. One out of 8 residents in that country is an immigrant

In 2016, the population dreaming to improve their way of life, reached a record high of 43.7 million between legal and illegal residents. The largest increases by countries that come seeking “dream visas” are India, China, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Cuba, The Philippines, Honduras, Vietnam, Venezuela and Guatemala. In the last six years, the three largest states that took in an increase in immigrants were, Texas. Florida, California, New York and New Jersey.

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