Time to acquire consciousness

By Nelly Vasquez

We live in a time without consciousness in which materialism has displaced human values and the perception of all spiritual reality, therefore establishing a personality without a sense of transcendence. In these times, in which we enjoy the comfort of extraordinary technological advances we, regretfully, contribute daily to greater dehumanization generating a devastating impact at all levels (nature, social, familial, etc.), and triggering an imbalance with disastrous consequences in physical, emotional, and mental health.

Violence begins in our thoughts. A negative thought generates a negative feeling, and this in turn, generates a negative attitude. The development of this chain destroys everything in its way. A thought travels at the speed of light. Imagine the damage we can do in a millisecond to nature, to the earth, to each living being. Hence, the importance of having control of our thoughts. For this, we need a technique to help us develop balance in what we think, feel, and do. In essence, that’s what we are.

THE YOGA PHILOSOPHY is a complete, universal philosophy, proven to be the most ancient in the world. As in the definition of the word “Yoga” which means union, anything the individual does or wants to do, whether he is conscious or not of this union, falls within the Yoga philosophy.

This means that the Yoga philosophy encompasses all the human mental and physical activities. In order to achieve this integration of the triple aspect (mind-body-spirit) of the personality, it’s imperative that we practice the millenary technique, MANTRA YOGA MEDITATION allows the control of the mind through meditation with a personalized mantra.

Through this process, the mind begins to consciously experience the deep, subtle levels of the unconscious. With this practice day after day, one can observe subtle changes in the personality giving our daily life a positive spin with a hopeful future for generations to come.

With this process, it will be possible to be clearer at a conscious level of the true development as a human being, and the responsibilities it implies such as living in total harmony with our environment (nature, human beings, etc).

“Divine wisdom cannot be manifested in a body and a mind that is charged with toxins and negative thoughts. To purify your body and your mind is the first step to happiness.” -Taken from the book Junto al Maestro by Swami Guru Devanand.


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