The importance of the Maid of Honor on your wedding day

 The importance of the Maid of Honor on your wedding day

By Daniela Urosa, Fashion Designer,
Photo Credit: Juan Vicente Oropeza

These great companions to the bride deserve an altar of their own!

The ladies of the courtship, are well known for their duty to make that special day even more beautiful. The bride has the right to choose her favorites from the courtship. Usually, they are her  closest  friends, those who have always been there for her. Almost, always chosen from groups of 4,6 or 8 with the notable “Maid of Honor” among them and the closest to the bride. In order to keep with the tradition, the same color dress is worn by all and a lighter or darker tone for the “Maid of Honor” which allows for a more integral and harmonious image of the courtship.

wd The role the “Maid of Honor” must play during the wedding, is essential from start to finish. Since planning a wedding is a great effort, it requires lots of support and of course it depends on a previously established budget by the couple. To make the wedding of your dreams unforgettable, you must plan everything with time, care and dedication. If you are an organized bride and want to avoid last minute stress, experts advise that you take at least a year to plan and reserve the place for the ceremony and the reception. You must also be aware that bridal gowns and the dress for the companions may take about 6 months to reach the stores where previously ordered.

We must not forget that this is part of the job of the “Maid of Honor”. She must be responsible for relieving the stress of the bride, helping to set the appointments with bridal shops, choosing the color and styles of the dresses, helping out at the time of the selection for the bridal gown, planning the bachelorette party, picking out the menu, the decoration, the music, the invitation cards, the souvenirs and everything else pertinent to the reception. Oh! She should also see that everything goes according to plan.

Anyway, the duties of the “Maid of Honor” are broader and demand more dedication than the other ladies of the courtship. Naturally, the bride feels evermore grateful to those “unconditional friends” who have helped her at all times and who only wish to see the bride be happy in this very especial day while turning  it into a most agreeable, adventurous and unforgettable occasion for her.

So there you have it my dear little “Maids of Honor”…take your role very serious. It is a more more important task than you imagine…!


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