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popPromotional items as a promotional tool are of common use by all companies for obvious reasons. The material known as POP (point of purchase) embraces all products used to promote a business and are given away to clients. POP means exactly that, point of purchase. The term originally referred to the bells and whistles used to dress up the visual effects of any given business such as: shelves, stands, windows, cardholders and presentation tables among others. But it has now a broader definition to include keychains, watches, pens, calendars, cups, planners and any other product where the image of the company can be placed on and given away to clients to expand the brand name.

The cost of promotional items is less expensive than Radio or TV and that is why it is ideal for companies with limited resources. However, some established companies already distribute this type of item as a way to retain their consumers. By giving away items of everyday use, we make sure consumers are married to our brand name.

In the particular case of promotional items in stores and grocery stores, its effectiveness lies in the fact that consumers are already at the store, having a predisposition to buy what is offered to them.

Advertising can not be considered as an expense, it is more of an investment. Investing in promotional items, you help project your brand name and keep it in the minds of your clients. If they are useful items that people can use everyday, you will have extra help in attracting new customers.

Some advantages of promotional items

It enhances the image of the product: this offers an opportunity to reinforce the brand name to existing clients and introduce the product to potential clients.

It drives up sales: advertising with promotional items has pproved to have positive effects in customer behavior. As we all know, most purchases are spontaneous, not planned and promotional items have a powerful effect in the decision making process.

It brings down the cost of advertising: not all store owners can advertise all the items in a newspaper, radio or in TV ads. By using promotional items within the store, those who are there or come in can appreciate them better.

Types of promotional items

There is a large amount of promotional items. It is only limited by the imagination. Some of the most successful for any kind of business are:

Presentation tables.They are used as self service and can also be used to promote special items or future events. They serve a better purpose when placed by the exit.

Shelves. It is a common display put together by manufacturers. They are a good way to organize the merchindise by categories in the store.

Banners, Flyers, Postcards are all ways to effectively promote brands or products in stores.


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