September is the Month of Obesity

September is the Month of Obesity

By Evelyn Alcala,

Photo Credit: Nelly Vasquez
Ciudad Weston Newspaper joined Dr. Bretal, MD  and Dr. Moran Celayes, MD  on September 16th to celebrate the Ribbon Cutting of Weston Medical Health & Wellness  in Weston. Clients, family and friends attended a delightful Cocktail and learn more about the Weight Loss Service. Dr. Bretal, MD presented a briefing about their weight loss programs that are completely customized to the individual needs.

Also, Dr. Bretal mentioned about Childhood Obesity,  that is a big problem for the United States, and the need to do something to help change that: “It is a real concerned. We need to work in schools and to work on lifestyle change to improve that. So right now I am going to a meeting in Washington DC. We are going to learn to do things better and create more awareness about it. This clinic is created for that, she said, because we really want to change the way people look at food, how to choose better food.  Like have everything that you can eat and be successful, in the long run. Not just for some times. Also, we want to do something very complete, like the Hormones Therapy that is a real problem right now. All the Hormones in food, the Antibiotics, and Chemicals that we apply on our skin that is messing up our hormones.  Not only for woman, it’s also for man. People are feeling bad, they have low energy, they cannot sleep at night, and they don’t know what is going on. There is a solution for that. You can really know what to do and what you have”, she said.  Dr. Celayes added that there is a Genetic Testing ,  that can test 75 genes right now and It tells you how you metabolize your carbohydrates, your fats, your proteins. You can have a matching diet for your genes”, he said. For more information you may visit Weston Medical Health & Wellness located at 1605 Weston Town Center, Suite D, Weston, Fl 33326.


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