By Ray Ramos, rayramos45@hotmail.com

The old adage goes “seek and you shall find” meaning any one of these things: the truth, your destiny, freedom or the support of others. This last thing is what our loquacious President is going to have to do if he wants to pass the Health care bill that he and his cronies so miserably failed to do. He has backed himself in to a cozy little corner of his own doing.

Out the window goes the “Art of the deal” book, Down the trash goes the “win, win, you are going to be sick of winning” quote repeated over and over again during his campaign, up in smoke goes that invincibility aura that Trump built around his persona.  Also, his credibility seems to be going down the tubes with the American people. And worst of all, this is happening in under two thirds of his first 100 days.

David Gergen said “this may very well be the worst 100 days of any presidency in history”. But in all fairness, it is not for lack of experience that things have turned out so bad for Trump. After all Barack Obama had little experience in such complex job as President of the Unites States. Neither did JFK for that matter. Both men in theirs 40” s.

But what helped the former was his humbleness and intelligence while the latter counted on his willingness to help and his true love for the people of this country. Obama pulled us out of a very bad economy and JFK saved us from a full out nuclear war instigated by extremely seasoned players like Khrushchev and Castro.

It may not be that be that succeeding in business or any other field of the human experience can qualify you to perform well at the white house but, your ability to deal with others, your understanding of the position of others and your genuine desire to really help others, can. You must also show a tempered personality, a short leash on your emotions and an unwavering determination to do what is right not what is convenient or beneficial to your agenda.

Our President Mr. Trump has shown us repeatedly for the past weeks that he lacks qualities indispensable for the position and the Democrats are keen to that so when he comes asking, they will collect what is due, teaching him a lesson that the support of others is something you should always seek.


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