Opinion – Things Get To Where They Need To Get

Things Get To Where They Need To Get

By Anibal Romero, Columnist, El Nacional, Caracas

We all make mistakes but fixing them is a move of genius, as the old saying goes. Thus, I understand the importance of the timing of the “critical Chavismo” or the “inquiring Chavismo” particularly due to the situation our country is going through. I have no doubt that the regime still holds plenty of power and resources and that it is willing to use them ruthlessly and efficiently to stay in power, forcing anyone in their path to accept their despotic dominance. Therefore, all alliances with people determined to end this tyranny in Venezuela and to stop it from consolidating, are welcome.

So today, it becomes even more imperative to remember, to bolster and to remind ourselves the reasons that explain why our country is facing the abyss. We should assume this approach of what has happened in the last few years, not focused on vengeance or prosecution of others but on reassuring ourselves that this nefarious experience we have lived, initiated by Hugo Chavez help us achieve a social lesson that it should not be repeated in the future.

It was clear, palpable and unequivocal that the Chavista project had since its beginnings, abundant seeds of the controlling and dictatorial structure that it has displayed and proved over time. There are plenty of evidence over the decades or maybe more than ever since the 1992 coup d’etat until the present that prove without a doubt the despotic and dominant nature of the Chavista movement and its hegemonic control. So to those people who participated for years in the “revolution” and today are starting to have second thoughts, we need to call their attention to this key thing.

Welcome is your taking of conscious and your rectifying. Congratulations for your valor facing the irreversible hatred from your ex-partners. But do remember that for years, you too betrayed the constitution you now claim to defend and just like you abused the power trusted on you. Also, you did it on your own volition and because the nature of the regimen you represented is tyrannical.

The only way out of such fate is to break up with the regime, its ideology and dictatorial inclinations if you wish to live in a country of free women and men. I am not against a democratic left political party playing a role in a better and different Venezuela but that party is no, has not been and will never be the PSUV. Its organizational structures ideological substance and its political goals are guided by Marxists views in disagreement with a life of freedom.

Thus, I insist that we have  to admit that we can all make mistakes, that to rectify is positive and that Venezuelans, hoping to find a place of civilized coexistence, will have to find ways to common ground and reconciliation. This, I repeat is a valid point but it would be unacceptable to minimize the fact that the Chavismo in its current version is a moral and political poison that has yielded much harm to our society, crushing it under the oppression, corning it and making it poorer, leaving it no other option than to rebel and break free from the regime in search of a new road to freedom.

At the ethical level, the Chavismo, its founder and  its followers have gone farther than to name an emblematic example, Kant considered an unquestionable sign the violation of the moral law to view Human Beings not as a end but as a mean.  Such is the way that the regime and its principals have treated all those Venezuelans that dared dissent or take up opposite positions. They became objects.

Put in a different way, the leaders and followers of the regime do not view us as people but as objects of scorn and disdain through insults, threats and a permanent disqualification of our dignity, hopes and wishes while pushing thousands to flee the country and taking away our right to be Venezuelans. In political terms, The Chavismo movement, poisons any option of existence in Democracy since it is based on a Socialist objective that both gradually and quickly corrodes and destroys a Capitalist market economy and replaces it with a collective and corporative formula which main aim is to control society by an ever-powerful Estate.

In the case of Venezuela, this becomes more peculiar due to the nature of the importance of the oil industry. The Chavismo movement, poisons Republican and Democratic politics and strangles freedom in the name of equalitarian demagoguery which is nothing but a disguise for an extreme totalitarian inclination. In this line of thought, I reiterate, despotism is intrinsic to the movement and that is why the regime has taken things where they needed to be.

The Chavismo movement did not turn into a dictatorship by coincidence or mistake. It arrived as a dictatorship deliberately and necessary. The National Assembly that the Government is working on will be, in case it takes place, the culmination of that long and painful road directed at establishing an irreversible despotism by the hands of military and civil groups that pull the strings the country under the guidance of Cuba.

The  “Tyranny active and domestic”, as in different circumstances Bolivar expressed, has been forever the dynamic and of nature, a process that is trying to get established by force and fire on a society that finally woke up and is fighting  with great sacrifice and valor. New and heroic situations of resistances are on the way for our people and our youth.

These past few months have been extraordinary since the sense of freedom that is within us, has been paraded in front of ourselves and the world. I don’t know what will happen down the line as a result of the courage, the willingness and the  sacrifice of so many people, particularly of young people but I remain calm in the trust of a free future for Venezuela because after all, things always get to where they need to get.



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