A new year to get things done

Omaira Martínez Cardona – editor@ciudadweston.com

If any subject is recurrent every time a new year rolls around, is the one about resolutions. Most of us agree and share a common wish that the new year will be better, filled with prosperity, peace and wellbeing. During the year of 2017, there took place many international situations that were conflictive polarized and dangerous. That maybe why with 2018, hope is brought forth for miracles to occur.

More than a list of personal goals and rendition of things left undone, what must be said is what each one will do to improve on our existence, our quality of life, to bring us ever together and make us more tolerable.

A glance over the political spectrum of some countries paints a grim picture. Humanitarian crisis leave millions of victims on its wake, vulnerable democratic systems that confirm the lack of governability and high levels of corruption that wreak havoc and generate economic crisis in Governments uncapable of tending to the basic needs of its constituencies.

The issue of Healthcare is not without shame. Mental health suffering the biggest hit. Several months ago during a celebration of the Mental Health World Day, it was disclosed that more than 300 million people suffer from depression and more than 260 million have anxiety disorders. According to the World Organization of Mental Health, many patients suffer from both, as a consequence of the high rate of speed we are living our lives in the world.

This year started with 65 million people displaced due to conflicts, violence and persecution on 87 cases of political tension throughout the world. Some internal conflicts like with North Korea and others like with the political situation in Venezuela.

More than 30 peace process and negotiations took place or were consolidated in the world. Among them, the Colombian peace process. Categorized as historical for some nations and ratified with a Nobel prize but met with disagreement and resignation on the part of the Colombian people. This year, they showed their opinion on the first presidential elections following the peace process.

Donald Trump’s first year leading as president of the United States in one of the most controversial presidencies in history.

Enough topics to hold the attention of our readers these next few months of this year and about which the CIUDAD WESTON NEWSPAPER in its new phase, will be covering thoroughly to explain our world and thus make it a better place to live in.

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