A Message from the Mayor

A Message from the Mayor

Weston Mayor Daniel J. Stermer


Summer is upon us, and with all the fun and carefree days that it can bring, in Florida, it also marks the arrival of hurricane season.  It’s been over a decade since a hurricane struck south Florida.  We dodged the proverbial bullet last year when Hurricane Matthew, the first Category 5 storm to develop in the Atlantic since 2007, caused widespread devastation in the Western Atlantic before hugging the coastline of Florida, eventually making landfall in South Carolina.  Hurricane Matthew caused one Million Floridians to lose power and over 43 deaths were attributed to the storm in the U.S. alone.  Around the country, you can view news footage of the devastation caused by floods or tornados.   Disasters happen and you need to be as prepared as possible.  We challenge our residents and businesses to be Weston Ready — to take storm preparation as seriously as we do in city government.


Hurricane preparedness is key and residents must remember the first 72 is up to you.  This means you need supplies on-hand to be self-sufficient for your entire family for a minimum of three days.  You can find preparedness checklists just about anywhere, including the City’s website.  Pick up extra water, batteries and food goods each time you shop – don’t wait until a storm approaches.  You can donate unused food items to the local Harvest Drive or food pantry in mid-November.  It is essential to have a family and/or business communication plan in place PRIOR to an emergency.  A great resource is www.Ready.gov.


Your phone numbers should be registered with Weston’s CodeRED Emergency Notification System.  This system is used strictly for emergency notifications and after-emergency information.  Your contact information is confidential and cannot be shared.   Sign up today by clicking on the CodeRED Enrollment link on the City’s homepage at WestonFl.org or call 954-385-2000 and a City staff member will register you.


For those on social media, the City’s Twitter account, @CityofWeston, provides a wealth of city and hurricane preparedness information.  New this year, is @WestonFLAlert which is strictly for ‘notifications of an urgent nature or that will impact persons, property or travel’ and we encourage you to place an audible alert on this Twitter account.


Speaking of social media, don’t use it to inadvertently advertise your out-of-town plans.  What we do recommend is to register for the BSO HomeWatch Program.  They will send personnel to your home and perform perimeter checks.  To register, call BSO Weston at 954-389-2010 or download the application on our website.  Additional tips:  ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your home, suspend mail and newspaper delivery, have lights on in the house, and lock the door that enters your home from inside the garage.


Summer weather also brings increased activities in and around water.  Be sure to designate a “Water Watcher” to keep an eye on any children in the pool or other water bodies.  Everyone should learn how to swim.  Weston was awarded the Water Smart Weston designation by the Florida Department of Health for efforts in drowning prevention education, but education is an ongoing effort.  All Broward County residents ages 6 months to 4 years qualify for a coupon of $40 toward swim lessons. Visit our website under Water/Pool Safety and click on the swim coupon.  An additional life-saving element: CPR.  Weston BSO Fire Rescue offers free CPR training year-round because any time is the perfect time to learn to save a life.


It’s summer, enjoy the slower pace and apply that to your driving speed as well.  With schools in recess, more children are out and about in neighborhoods.  Take extra precautions and watch for children, take your time and be safe.


Be safe, be prepared… and have fun!  Your City Commission will take a short recess and will be back in full swing with budget reviews and public meetings.  The public hearing dates for the proposed Weston budgets are set for Wednesday, September 13th and Monday, September 25, 2017, at 7 PM at Weston City Hall.  Please confirm dates/times at WestonFL.org/Events.  We welcome your input.


Until next time…

Daniel J. Stermer, Mayor

The City of Weston

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