A message from the Mayor of Weston


by Daniel J. Stermer, Mayor, City of Weston

A Special Municipal Election will be held in Weston on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 to elect a City Commissioner to fill the vacancy in City Commission Seat 3.  The elected representative will serve for the balance of the Seat 3 term of office until November 2018.

March is not Weston’s regular election period, as our regular city elections are held on the same date as the November General Election, in even-numbered years, whereby the City does not have to bear the costs for a stand-alone election.  In this instance, Weston is required to hold a stand-alone election.

It is important to bring this March 14th election date to your attention, and stress the critical role Weston voters have in determining those elected to local office.  Please do take time out of your busy schedule to vote for whom you choose to represent you.  There is no early voting.  Polls will be open from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 14th only. Your polling location is designated on your voter registration card, or you can visit the Broward County Supervisor of Elections website at www.browardsoe.org to find your polling location. I encourage you to take advantage of every opportunity to get to know your local elected officials – we are here for you and because of you.

One of our City’s hallmarks is safety.  Weston is a safe community and people move here with that in mind.  Part of being a safe community is education and I wish to remind residents of two important issues.  Bike Safety:  Ensure you and your loved ones have and use, front and rear lights on bicycles which is now the law. Additional bike reflectors and reflection on clothing and helmets is strongly urged. Secondly, Vehicle Theft:  Half of the vehicle thefts in Weston could be prevented.  Vehicles are being easily stolen due to people leaving their key fobs in the car.  When a key fob is in the car it will not lock, and allows car thieves to simple enter, start up and drive away with your car and its contents.

Headed into spring, there are a wide-range of events happening throughout March and April for residents and visitors to avail yourselves of.  We encourage you to visit our website events calendar at WestonFL.org/Events to browse the concerts, festivals, movies, magic shows, puppet shows, Egg Hunt and more that will take place all for free within your hometown.  There is truly something for everyone in Weston where it’s all about lifestyle.

Spring also brings about longer and warmer days and is the time of rebirth and inspiration.  I encourage you to view Weston’s “POP” tips during the month of April in recognition of Earth Day.  “POP” stands for Protect Our Planet and the tips provide simple and fun ideas for conservation.  Earth Day is celebrated on Saturday, April 22nd.  Subscribe to our Newsday Tuesday E-newsletter to receive the POP tips in your inbox and follow us on Twitter @CityofWeston.

We hope that everyone enjoys the upcoming Passover and Easter holidays and for students looking forward to Spring Break, both here and those away at college, have fun and be safe.

Until next time…


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