MARLIN LIMON and her hit single “ENAMORAME”


And her hit single “ENAMORAME”

By Tanya Abad,

1236527_10201988796938820_1540367882_n In between laughs and good humor, we talked to the beautiful Marlin Limon who shared with us her role in “Protagonistas” from Univision. You might remember this beautiful and talented girl who comes from a large family, the same family that has supported her success. Marlin was born in Libertyville, IL. She is young, funny and above all, sexy. She told us about her plans for the future not just as a singer and dancer but also as an actress. This young and talented Mexican American is very promising and we are sure to see her very soon hitting the big time as yet another Latina in show business.

CWN: We know that your family has been the inspiration for you to realize your dreams. Could you share with us a memory that affected your childhood?

ML: A memory that I have and that has affected my childhood is when I hid from my mother to record myself singing. Back then I used a tape recorder. I hid so they would not reprimand me (laughs) and that is how they found out that I like singing.

CWN: Watching the video, we saw that you put a lot of passion into your singing. Tell us, how did “Enamorame” come about?

ML: Well, I am a girl obsessed with the idea of love. I believe that people have forgotten how to show their feelings. So when I wrote “Enamorame” I wanted to capture how  different people get to your life and make you fall in love with them. Life always surprises you. You never know whom you will fall in love with.

CWN: Do you have any plans to go into the Movies or Television?

ML:  Of course!. I love everything that has to do with art. For me it would be a dream come true to be able to do music and acting at the same time. I have some important castings going so if God allows it and I am blessed, you will soon see me in the small screen.

CWN: 10574421_10208367816690327_1754227300989610819_nWhat projects does Marlin have for 2016?

ML: For 2016, I hope to be on tour sharing the stage with great artists and expand my knowledge of music. There is another Music Video coming out that I did with Univision.

CWN: How would you tell those who do not know you to listen to your music?

ML: I would ask them to learn about the world of Marlin Limon. My music is a lot of fun and it is different compared to what you listen to nowadays. I like to have fun and I think my music reflects that.

CWN: What do you like the most, singing, dancing, acting or composing?

ML: It is hard to tell really, I love all that and I truly enjoy it. But what is most fascinating for me is my ability to write. It lets me express what I feel, what I see, what things life is teaching me and that is something no one can take away from you.

CWN: You are a very beautiful girl. Have you met that special person and have you told him “Enamorame” (make me fall in love with you)?

ML: Of course! (laughs). I am a very happy girl! Love forever !


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