Learn how to think positive!


Remember: You are what you think; You will become what you think about.
The negative Mind attracts negative things. The positive mind attracts positive things.

Is a huge influence from the unconscious mind on the thoughts, it’s di cult to control them. We have said that the thought arises from a subtle impulse of the soul, but in its confection period may cross dark areas of the unconscious where it is polluted, lowering its vibrational frequency. Then, this thought appears as negative.

Since the thought is energy in action, each negative thought lowers the energy reserve available, and moreover lowers the vibrational frequency of the physical body producing disease.
In many occasions, the person  programs herself to fail. Commonly, the person is persecuted
by her own negative thoughts that make her fail. This has been happening since before birth. The personality must change by simply changing the programming of our mind. Now there will be new opportunities to improve the quality of life, as well as your evolution through your actions, and positive thoughts of the present.

The individual’s mental programming comes from the experiences of hundreds of past lives, from the manifestation of the soul in your conscious side, and from basic experiences in the first six years of life and during your whole life.

There are many concepts and ideas that are implanted in our mind that are wrong, negative, and limiting. This is the reason for failure. We have learned to believe that we are limited. What you think about is what you create.

Now is the time to change the Mental programming. We have to program ourselves with healthy, positive, and limitless ideas. Let’s start changing now. Right now!

The preparation was limited, very limited. At school, there wasn’t much of an opportunity for creativity. There was only memorization, and it was mechanical without techniques to develop the Mind, the

memory, the concentration, or the willpower. We have been conditioned by others, and by the environment, and it has resulted in self-limitation.

People are afraid to fail. They don’t think of succeeding… they think on another failure. The unconscious side is rotten, rusty, full of dissatisfaction, frustration, limiting ideas, erroneous thoughts, unsatisfed desires, attachments, and envy of others that are able to succeed. The problem is there, and there is a need to purify the unconscious. Do you realize it? “You are the unconscious,” and it drives your life. Learn to have access to it. Just by the daily practice of a profound technique such Mantra Yoga Meditation, you can purify the unconscious, and you can reprogram your mind in a positive way.

When the mind has been out of control for many years doing everything it desires, it will refuse to be controlled, and disciplined by you. It doesn’t want to change. If you gave it free rein, and now try to control it, the mind will tend to slip away easily. It doesn’t care if you are, or you are not happy, healthy, or conforming. Therefore, it’s important to practice a technique that works in an automatic, specific way, that reaches the deepest part of the unconscious, training it effectively, naturally, and gradually. Remember that more than 90% of your mental power is not being used. Learning to awaken this dormant force, can assist in the control of the present and the future. We will be owners of our own destiny. Let’s learn to succeed, and be happy.

We were born to succeed/ win! But it is di cult to believe until we give it a chance. Change!

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