“La Fan” Comedy XIMENA DUQUE revealed her secrets

“La Fan” Comedy

XIMENA DUQUE revealed her secrets


Photos by Juan Manuel Garcia


LA FAN, Ximena Duque as Adriana Zubizarreta — (Photo by Juan Manuel Garcia/Telemundo)

‘La Fan’ is a romantic comedy aired by Telemundo. I think of this show to be very funny because I have seen firsthand how it makes people laugh night after night. It is a production starred by great talented people such as Angelica Vale, Juan Pablo Espinoza, Miguel Varoni, Scarlet Ortiz, Ximena Duque. Jonathan Islas, Gabriel Porras among others.

The Colombian actress and model, Ximena Duque, answered some of our questions about this new experience in her professional career and made some personal confessions that she wanted to share with us.


Ciudad Weston Newspaper(CWN):  Ximena Duque comes back to the small screen in a Telemundo production called “La Fan” where she plays the role of Adriana Zubizarreta. Ximena, can you tell us a little bit about this character?


Ximena Duque (XD): It is something I never did before. I play a woman called Adriana Zubizarreta who is a Harvard Business woman and who speaks five languages. Her father puts her in charge of running the business and names her the president. Despite all the money she has, she is humble, simple-minded and has a big heart. She falls in love with the least convenient person because her social level is much higher than his which is the maintenance manager for the company. She is faced with the dilemma of “I fall in love but I can’t” or  “ I fall in love, Yes or NO”. She represents a very refreshing character despite what happened with her mother. She still believes in love. It is a character that I give my own input to with my heart and my sensibility but I am the farthest away from Ximena.


CWN: What does it feel like to work so close with so many talented actors like Angelica Vale, Miguel Varoni, Scarlet Ortiz, Juan Pablo Espinoza among others?


XD: It has been a wonderful experience. They are all professional people committed to their work.  Angelica Vale is a very nice woman, filled with magic and whose personality and joy became contagious. We were all clear of our roles so it turned out very easy. I loved putting out a comedy because the atmosphere was wonderful. It was a challenge but I am very happy to have shared with so many talented people.


CWN:  Any stories that you would like to share about the show?


XD: So many things took place in between scenes but in this one scene, my parents were there along with my maid and my significant other and my Father went to get some water and he choked and the whole thing turned into a circus with laughs. We improvised and the whole scene came out great that the director loved it.


CWN: Ximena, ¿How do you feel on a personal level?


XD: I am very happy, satisfied. Fortunately, I have everything I want in my life and I pray to God that it remains like this forever. I have a healthy son whom I love and who is my life. I have a wonderful man who God saved for me and who showed up in my life at the right moment. Just like the saying goes. “God’s time is a perfect time”. So, he showed up when I most wanted him. So as long as we love ourselves, self-love is the most important love there is. It is what people see in us. If they love you it is the way you want them to love you. I am at this time in my life where I am loved the way I like, just like any woman likes


CWN: Do you have any plans to give your 12-year-old son Christian a brother?


XD:   Yes. But not at this time. Perhaps in a year or two


CWN: What do you like to do after you finish your work?


XD: I like to travel even if it is by car and drive a few hours away from Miami. I love to drive and have my son go to places. Meet new cultures. It is my hobby. When I can’t do it, I spend it at home with him, his homework. Being a woman, a mother, a daughter.


CWN: From a professional standpoint, we know that for you 2016 was very good. We want to know about the series “Days of our lives” from NBC. What did this mean to you?


XD: It was wonderful. I did the casting and I did the video myself. The role was only going to be in 8 episodes and I ended up doing 135! It was the best school and of course, they paid me for it. I prepared very hard since it was the chance of a lifetime to make the crossover. It was a great personal and professional experience


CWN: Do you have any plans to work in Hollywood like in a movie or a TV series?


XD: I knock on doors and take small steps. As a matter of fact, I am invited to an especial project that I can’t tell you about now.


CWN: Ximena with your own words, can you ask the audience to continue watching this very funny comedy show?


XD:  I recommend it to the whole family since it is for all ages. It is a wonderful comedy where the whole crew poured in their hearts. “la Fan” gets better every day. If you want a break from hearing about all the tragedies in the world nowadays, tune into Telemundo at 8 PM


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