Kylla Has Peru in her soul

Kylla Has Peru in her soul

Kylla Monica Piqueras Bertier, is not only an artist…. She is more a kind of a Virgin in transit in this world… born from the ancient Pre-Inca cultures…. Chosen to plant a seed of love and reflection in this devaluated Human Universe.

Kylla lleva Peru en su almaI am not an art critic, that is why I am going to write about Kylla, but not particularly about her work. She is perhaps, one of the most interesting participants in the Art concept of one of the most important art fairs in the world that took place here in Miami Art Basel 2016.

I was lucky enough, or maybe the universal destiny set us both up to meet and not by coincidence – from Kylla’s perspective of course- and share with her some days and sunrises, long conversations, nice discussions….and moments of silence.

My attention to her corporal expressions, wording and talk about the meaning of her art, it was totally captured. The intellect and feeling produced an explosion of internal conflicts – never ending inspirations, small depressions. Absolute spirituality that overwhelms and anguish but at the end, like an oasis is the reward of a weird peace filled with sweetness.

Contemplating her work causes an immediate confrontation with your own universe. You can get lost and not return in one of those amazing spiral points that build micro-cosmos of perfect geometry and that grab your attention with a strange force.

The series of work titled “Semillas Estelares” are without a doubt an authentic sample of the work and study conceived pre-work and where the creator makes it clear that what he is seeing is the product of an intense and long process of emotions. The research, the calculation and experimentation ended up in an extraordinary visual effect, I mean in a true work of art. Her Works of art are plenty. From the virgin of Guadalupe, praying cloths, sceneries of extraordinary fantasies, nature. Everything unbelievably connected to a beautiful sidereal space….. where there is no beginning, neither end. There are no limits.

Kylla Monica Piqueras Bertie is part of this world of concepts, shapes and color. She is a genuine woman because if something is clear, and her work is witness, is that her work is about femininity, where the power of nature, cosmos, religion, magic, light, darkness, provokes a sublime cry for freedom, as a tribute to all women and their worth in this society which is in turn her inspiration and reason for everything she does.

Kylla’s art has many years of intense work and this makes her deserving of a serious international recognition. Impressive are the comments of specialists and critics from Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and now in the United States.

The days by her side went by fast, among beautiful anecdotes and some sad. There were smiles and tears, too. A lot of anguish and peace. That much is the diversity of this unbelievable creator, a whirlwind of intense passions. A true Discovery in Art Basel 2016. Her work goes beyond the mere commercial gain.kyla art piece

Having a piece of Kylla Monica Bertie is to have a piece of her. Undoubtedly a small piece of that ancient and imposing Inca culture.

I invite you to know this Peruvian woman who arrived at Miami, turning into a kind of virgin, led by the hand of Inca shamans, born in another life in the very own Cuenca del Cuzco. Paying homage to the Inca empire that lasted only a century but had a grandiose that keeps it alive in this universe, and deserving of admiration expressed through the work of KYLLA MONICA PIQUERA BERTIE.

I ask myself what would be of this world ….. without the light shined by Kylla.

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