Knowing how to control the mind helps integral health

Human beings know very little of their mind. They know more about cars, airplanes, agriculture, insects, and plants. However, the great wise Yogis from India have devoted thousands of years to the thorough study of personality through the Yoga Philosophy, developing its potential to arrive at inner wisdom. Thought, for example, can travel faster than light when launched accurately, and steered to a specific frequency. Telepathy or thought transmission is an ancient science used by tribes which have existed throughout human history. Humans can think around 100-200 thoughts in a minute; humans can speak around 30,000 words in a day; the heart can beat 100,500 times per day; We breathe around 24,000 times per day.

In modern times, electronic, computerized, and spatial era, man is choosing the instruments the mind manufactures over the mind, and what the mind produces. Since the phone was invented, the telepathic abilities decrease among humans. Modernism doesn’t come free. Progress is very expensive. A modern life is created with many comforts, but stress increases, and as a result more heart attacks, high blood pressure, and cancer. And we can observe that while comfort of external things increases for humans…it doesn’t fill the emptiness inside. There is insecurity, fear, and a weak mind. Clearly, we need to learn to use the mind. More will be known about its function then, and certain principles will be put into practice which will help to improve the quality of life. Only a small part of the  Mind acts at a conscious level. I want to say that human beings are only aware of a minimum part of the capacity that it has, and that most of his potential is asleep or latent. It becomes so difficult to understand the reason for things, the reason for life, and the purpose of life, simply because 90% of the Mind is inactive or unconscious. It cannot be used because Man does not know how to activate it.

Reasoning is a daily affair, and life is led through the conscious part of the Mind. And that is only approximately 10% of the total power of the mind. Imagine!!! Scientific studies attest to this truth. It’s impossible, that the conscious part of the mind, reflect the great potential of the power within us.

To a certain extent, a person can control, and direct part of the conscious Mind, but, in actuality, unless there is a formal training, the unconscious part of the mind can not be controlled. In some cases, people can go up a tall fence with extreme ease when being persecuted by a bull, or a mad dog. In ordinary conditions, the same person will find that feat impossible. This has happened many times.

A paralyzed patient after fifteen years started to walk when he saw that his son was drowning in the river. The force of the unconscious can do miracles when you know how to use it. These great reserves we ha- ve, are not commonly used due ignorance, and unknowingness, but its use can be initiated at any time. All that is needed is formal training. People are always thinking that they are the physical body, and they don’t give more value to the mind. For this reason, it is weak, insecure, without will power, and sickly. The Mind is a great instrument. Learn to develop, it, to train it, to educate it, and to strengthen it. Then, you will learn to live. You will feel as a new person, full of energy and vitality, relaxed, with a clear mind-Owner of yourself. Satisfied to live. You will feel the universe revolving at your feet.

Luis F. Rivera M.D Guruji

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