Interview : DAVID CHOCARRO “Attracted to justice”

By: Tanya Abad,

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David Chocarro is an actor, TV host and an Argentina model who has starred in several productions because his passion is acting. He has also made a lot of commercials because he is a lover of a healthy life and exercising. He was also part of the cast  in the movie “ Loki 7”.

Telemundo is showing in its prime time of 10 pm the production of a Soup Opera “ La Dona ” , where David is the star. Ciudad Weston Newspaper had the opportunity to interview him again, and learn some of the details of this soap opera, its secrets and its scenes.

Ciudad Weston Newspaper CWN: David, what does this starring role mean to you as “Saul Aguirre” in “ la Dona”,  side by side with the sexy and beautiful actress, Aracely Arambula.

David Chocarro DC: As an actor, it was a very important role in my career. Telemundo has always supported me and given me important roles. They always trusted me and my professional style, especially by pairing me with Aracelys. As a Mexican part, is as though I have a magnifying glass over those around us since that role can be best play by a Mexican. It was a big challenge and I am very pleased.

CWN: ¿Saúl Aguirre, your role has a relationship with the mother but he falls in love with the daughter? Who are you closer to?

DC: Saúl Aguirre does not know that he is in love with the daughter. What will happen when he finds out. For him they are completely different people and he has a passion for one and caring for the other, a calm, a soothing tranquility and good advice which is closer to his human side. Since they are indifferent, he is attracted by both but he does not know they are mother and daughter.

CWN: In the soap opera, some controversial subjects have been raised. What do you think about political and business corruption that has generated an economic crisis in Latin America?

DC: They are inevitable issues that are coming out more often into the public eye. In our Latin American countries, it is very difficult to find justice. That political power surrenders to justice at the right time. The way they decided to tell it in “La Dona” is OK. All the research that was done and what you see in the series is what happened. Feeling helpless in front of people so powerful, weather political or business people. Unfortunately, that is the way things are in our countries and we decided to show it so people can identify with it. Somehow you help tell the story a Little bit. The story of a reality that is happening in Mexico in terms of the judicial system and the corruption going on.

CWN: Bringing these controversial issues into the open is what you liked about the TV show?

DC: I loved getting involved but I what liked the most is that my character displayed his most human side. In the story, Saul seemed uncorrupted. A person who trusted in justice regardless of living in Mexico and even though he is a lawyer coming in the defense of very hard cases such as abused women by business men or by wealthy and powerful people. He was always convinced that justice would prevail but reality comes closing in and that changes him in the end.

CWN: ¿Tell us who is David Chocarro?

DC: I am a human being in constant search for happiness. I am very conscious of the world we live in and it affects me plenty. I am always philosophizing, seeking the moments of happiness with my Friends whose friendship I hold in high regards. I love my job and I am grateful because I can get up every day and do what I like to do with my artistic side.

CWN: What does David Chocarro do to keep in shape with a fantastic looking body. Can you give us some tips? 

DC: We all know we must eat well,  and it is a situation that you need to take the bull by the horn and carry it in the short term. That is key to me. To achieve short term goals. For example, I will not have any sugar this month. No dessert for me only for this month. I am not planning it for the rest of my life because it would be very difficult. The next time I set another goal. Daily training which will allow you to carry out any activity without thinking is a sacrifice. 

CWN: ¿What does Carolina, your wife say of the racy scenes in the Soap Opera?

DC: She never says anything about that. She may give me her opinion about the other scenes in general and about my work or what she thinks about the plot. If she likes it or not but she does not say anything about specific scenes. In the end, they are just like the rest of the other scenes. She is a writer and has worked a lot in theatre and films. Maybe she sees it in a different way.

CWN: ¿Any other Projects that you would like to share. Will you go back to Mexico?

DC: I live in Miami and I have many other projects that I want to work on. Another TV show with Telemundo and a movie that I will start on,  and another one that I will produce, are part of my plans.

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