By Omaira Cardona Martinez

Christmas and Spring are the perfect time for changing, for opening up the spirit and the mind to new opportunities, for a transformation and a rebirth.

That is precisely why we have taken a little longer in coming out with this edition and also why we took advantage of that timing to present you with a re-newed Newspaper looking to expand to the west
side of our Broward county which just turned 105 years of  age this past April the 30th

We arrived here in May to unveil a new Newspaper. The West Broward Post. A spin off of the Ciudad Weston Newspaper and the Weston community that for 10 years, was supported by our sponsors and leaders.

We arrived at this month also because it represents all cultures and pays homage to mother’s day who are unique and irreplaceable. May is also the month of freedom of the press ever so dimished in many of our countries due to complex sociopolitical situations.

We are very proud to introduce this informative and educational project that looks to attract the attention of our readers about current topics and the one we propose be treated more thoughtfully in particular is Non-Violence.

otally convinced that love is the most powerful weapon to reach any goal.

We are greatfull to our sponsors for their patience and support and we remind our readers that our content is in Social Media and you can share with us the misión to inform by making your comments available.

Our proposition that we hope you like, is to dwell into useful and meaningful topics related to the everyday life of our readers and their families.

To get you motivated to think and opine and to participate in the Dynamic of your communities for the well being of your neighborhoods, your children’s schools and surrounding areas.

So that we may all become better human beings and better citizens. Happy of Mother’s day month and freedom of the press and Non-Violence

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