In contact with JORGE VILLAMIZAR

In contact with JORGE VILLAMIZAR

Jorge Villamizar, singer,composer and guitarist who has enjoyed success endorsed by 6 Latin Grammys.

By Tanya Abad,


250px-Jorge_villamizar_2He is the ex – lead Singer of a Latin Pop group called Bacilos, in Miami, and who had big hits such as “Mi Primer Millón” (My first Million), “Caraluna” and “Tabaco y Channel”. This big star humbled himself and became a friend of the Weston Newspaper.


CWN: We all know that you were born in Colombia but have lived all your life outside. How do you feel about that?

JV: I feel Colombian, Ecuadorian and American. I feel I carry a mix of all cultures and a special bond to all of them. I was born in Colombia, I grew up in Ecuador and my wife is an American citizen. After spending more than half of my life here and having children born here, my bond to America has solidified. The problems of the United States are my problems and things have changed over the years. I have a big support from my Colombian fans. I don’t think they see me as a local artist but they don’t see me as a foreigner either. It is a very especial connection.


CWN: Your mother has been your support, your beacon and who taught you music. What does she mean to you?

JV: My music comes from her and through her and her family. She comes from a very artistic family from Bogota made up of poets, singers and composers. Our family gatherings were very entertaining because everything involved music and singing. I grew up exposed to all of this and saw firsthand how music could be made while at the same time, it was a very human thing. That is how I  got involved in music and how it has set the path for my life.


CWN: You started out  with the group Bacilos. Tell us, how was that experience of 13 years with the band?

JV: It was a very beautiful experience. One which proved to ourselves how we can turn our dreams into reality. We worked for many years “underground” here in the United States, unaware of what was to come. It was a lifelong lesson because we realized that your dreams could come true if you work hard for them.


CWN: What do you think has been your greaest hit?

JV:  “Tabaco y Channel” was the song that paved the way. I started to take myself more serious as a composer and others too. Then came “Caraluna” which set the tone for Bacilos and now  “Yo no se mañana” (I don’t know tomorrow)  which I helped compose and became a huge hit. To be acknowledged on the stage is very especial but to be recognized as a composer of a good song is also something beautiful.


CWN: We love the tune of “Yo no se mañana”. Tell us a bit more about the hit, winner of a Latin Grammy

JV: It is an arrangement of Jorge Luis Piloto and myself. Jorge is a Cuban composer and the mix  turned out real good!


CWN: What was your first song as a composer?

JV: The truth is that we tried many songs but my first song was  “Miro la Luna y Pienso en ti” (I look at the moon and I think about you).


CWN: Did you always want to be a singer and composer? Which do you like most?

JV: I always wanted to be a composer but truth be told, being on the stage is a lot of fun. You get a lot of energy. It was an opportunity that I could not pass up and I have become a little addicted to it! (laughs).


CWN: We know that you have won 6 Latin Grammys. Did you ever think that would ever happen?

JV: The truth is no. When I was with Bacilos we had a different vision of things.  We never thought this would happen.


CWN: Jorge, please tell us about your latest production.

JV: This latest production is about my return to Latin-Pop. We experimented with other styles but time went by and I realized that my style is more acoustic, that I identified more with the sound of the Spanish guitar on the stage. That is really me and I cannot NOT be me. The soundtrack I made with that sound and thus the title “El dia que Vuelva” (The day I return). For me it is a return to what I am.


CWN: We know you are going on tour to promote your new hits.  What countries will you visit?

JV: Yes. We are promoting this record in Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and will include other countries eventually. I am considering organizing a concert in the Broward area. In a place that is closest to cities like Doral, Miramar, Pembroke Pines and Weston because I know there is a big  audience who loves Latin Music and who is eager for events that brings them back to the places they are from.

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