By Sandra Rizzi, Legal Documents Preparer, FALDP Member


Assuming your life as an adventure is a wonderful way to live your life at any point, but if you are thinking of migrating to another country, it is not the best attitude.

Even when you don’t know you have a plan, you have one.

A plan is the best possible engine, the inspirator, the motivator, it is the guide that drives you to make a decision and clarify objectives.

UntitledMigrating to the United States without a plan is not recommendable. I have seen people adrift, lost in their hopes, no ties to the ground. Even with the best of intentions, that might not be enough.

Without a compass, it is a waste of time and energy. It is so.

The worst part is that people become vulnerable, easy prey to those fast and bold and who come with offers of products and services that will most likely be the ones to kill those hopes. It is them who cast doubts on the decision that coming to this country was a good or not.

To avoid the deceptions as much as possible, it is necessary to assume the responsibility of a plan. To know what to do, where to begin. For example, a plan can be setting up a business through which you can initiate a commercial enterprise and study English. From this point on, there begins a search for your options, each one is analyzed and probably the plan is carried out or improved.

In the previous article, I talked about the need to be well informed. I want to emphasize that listening is always very important but it is even more when you are starting a life in a country like this one.

Knowing how to listen implys “filtering” the information without waste. Sometimes the simplest piece of information is the most accurate. Sometimes the information received can knock down the best plan. Any immigrant can carry that degree of vulnerability under his arm.

Coming to the United States to find out what to do may not be very convenient when you say “I will do anything”. It is very audacious and many regret saying it.

You must seek the opinion and advice of experts to ask your questions. Google is not the best friend here. Google will provide thousands of ads that look to sell and not guide. Be careful with something like that.

An intelligent and very cheap way to do things is to get the opinion and advice of people like you. Same age, with more or less the same history and with similar professions. They have laid down a ground work and can give you their take on things within a context similar to yours.

In a nutshell, having a plan and seeking advice from experts and from people with  similar lifestyles is a good start when you arrive as  an immigrant. Our offices are open to answer any questions you may have.

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