How fast can West Broward grow? Ask I-75 and I-595.

By Ray Ramos

When I-75 was completed in 1986, the entire area west of university Dr. was up for grabs. The houses
in the South West ranches had been built just a few years prior and the sawgrass Mall was an idea still on paper. Nurseries occupied unbelievable amounts of land and its owners were old timers who had no
clue of what was to come. The city of Weston paved the way to looking at this part of West Broward in a whole different way but it was the highway the conduit to inclusion into a metropolitan area. I-75 is the seventh longest interstate highway, second only to I-95 and connecting Miami to Broward on the west side but also South Florida to Naples, Fort Myers and the rest of the country. Running a total of 451 miles through the state, the impact of this major road on West Broward will not be gauged in its entirety for many years to come. It is that important. I-75 has been the reason why so many Real State developments have sprung up in the area. Not counting the countless business plazas and small clusters of restaurants and other business on both side of it. Its counter part, I-595 (running east west as opposed to North south) was completed in the 90’s and it parallels Florida State Road 84 for its entire length leaving Florida 84 as a pair of one way frontage roads to the north and south of I-595. It is also responsible for the unimaginable growth experienced by towns like Davie, Sunrise and Cooper City to mention just a few. This has benefited not only the cities themselves but all kinds of new comers to these parts. They have bought property, established business, generated prosperity

comparable to few areas across the country and put us on the Map. It is estimated that 300.000 new people will move to this area by 2040. They will need places to live, clean water to drink, new malls to shop in etc. Luckily for them, the ways to get around have already been put in place and will serve them for many years to come. They are called I-75 and I-595.

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