HERMES GARCIA, A Hispanic Candidate committed to the community


A Hispanic Candidate committed to the community

By: Tanya Abad,


Hermes Garcia was born in Venezuela. He arrived at this country 24 years ago with many dreams and hopes. Through hard work and perseverance, he achieved many things in his life that have turned him into a professional dedicated to his work. “I am a working man, honest and committed to the principles and values instilled in me at my home. A proud father of three beautiful children to whom I will teach the importance of respect for others, be considerate of others, be responsible, emphatic and perseverant. The way my parents taught me. I think that it is everyman’s responsibility to provide positive elements to the community he lives in. That is why I am passionate about serving and helping. It is in my DNA”

CWN: Hermes, how long have you been a resident of Weston?

HG: I live in Weston since the end of 2003. I lived in many other cities of the United States but nothing compares to our beautiful City of Weston. It is the model city of this country for me.


CWN: Hermes, Why do you want to be a Commissioner to the city of Weston?

HG: I want to serve my community and help that our city continues to have the quality of life that it has. To improve even more the conditions moving forward and to give priority to the projects that will benefit all. I want a secure and prosperous city. My goal is to be commissioner of Weston in order to serve the city and the community at a large scale and to contribute in improving our lifestyle, integration, our cultural programs, our security and progress.

I have put in more than 13 years serving the community. Many people know me and the activities that I carry out. I have helped more than 400 needy families in Thanksgiving and in Christmas, working along volunteers. I have also helped out the children of the Joe DiMaggio Hospital with toy drives. This has been acknowledged by Latin Women, The Hispanic Unity, The Pantry of Broward Inc. The Americas Community Center and Broward County. I am a current member of the board of directors of the YMCA of Weston and active member of the Saint Katherine Drexel Church and its Saint Vincent De Paul program for the needy.


hermes-garcia-campanaCWN: What plans do you have as a commissioner for Weston?

HG: In the first place, is to guarantee the right use of the budget and that it is spent on projects that benefit all. Then to be vigilant and to protect our interests as a community. To support progress for our city. To improve on security issues, the roads and the sewer system. With the full support of integration programs and cultural activities, we will have the ability to attract capital and increase the labor force. To watch and tend to the needs of our children, our youth and older citizens. They will be my priority. We have here in Weston an ever-growing Latin community that represents more than 40% of the people and that is why we should work together and bond in order to achieve benefits for us all. Multicultural events are a priority as is the sports and the arts in general. This should be our day to day


CWN: Do you belong to any political party in particular??

HG: When you enter the race for commissioner of Weston, you can not represent any political party. You must represent the community and such is my goal. I am a registered Democrat. I am not for non partisanship but I am for inclusion, tolerance, respect for others and teamwork. In other words, I will represent all equally.


CWN:  Hermes, as a Venezuelan and Latino. How do you see the participation of Latinos in the community?

HG: You have to make the Latin community love Weston by heart. That it participates actively in all events to improve and to keep our lifestyle. I have met with the chief of the police Dept of Weston, Kevin Bulter in an attempt to better understand the problems facing the community. He said, we are one of the cities with the lowest crime rate in the county. We should maintain that and improve on it. Nevertheless, the participation of Hispanics in our meetings is low. That must change. I want to be the liaison between our police that protects us every day and who are doing a great job and the community. They are the heroes and heads of families. We must work on the conditions so that we all gain ground on the future


CWN: ¿What would be your message to the citizens of Weston as to why they should vote for you in the next elections as commissioner of the city

HG: Weston needs to continue the tradition of having good managers and a model city. This can be achieved with commitment, work, effort and dedication. My service record, my experience and my leadership, I lay it down for the citizens of this town. Weston does not need a superhero, it needs people committed to the community. I have much to be grateful for the opportunities in my life and I wish to reciprocate by serving the community as commissioner. It is my goal to represent everybody equally. I will advocate for the integration of our citizens, for our security, to secure that our needs are met and those of our children, youth and older citizens.

We have much work to do ahead of us but I will be there giving my best. I have abilities and knowledge of budget and projects that stem from my experience in financing. I have the leadership and the direct support of our current Mayor Dan Stermer, the commissioners Angel Gomez, Tom Kallman , Toby Feuer and many people in the community. Those who know me, know of my work of the past few years and I hope to continue to give my best for all.





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