Florida: An appetizing land for foreign investors

By Massimo Massaro, Massimo@umafi.com                                                                                          

Florida is an appetizing land for foreign investment and, among others, for the financial strategy that is driven by its proximity to Latin America, thanks to all Hispanic families that influenced it, not only in economy but also for their optimism and work with passion, patience, and perseverance, contributing to the development of a state full of homeowners and renters, who allowed the state to come out of the crisis faster than the rest of the country.  Therefore, the real estate business is predicted to be safe and prosperous. Investing in Florida has become a priority for all the economies in the world and for the people from the north of the country.

The Metropolitan life, with its weather, beaches, variety of gastronomy, safety, and above all, its infrastructure.  Its growth is represented by the high number of preconstruction projects where the international environment, the remarkable recovery of the US economy, resulting in an unemployment rate of only 5.5 percent. This is  attracting even more to international savers, and in consequence and gradually the dollar began to strengthen against a large number of currencies from Asia to Latin America. The Colombian peso has lost ground, but so have the Brazilian real, the Peruvian sol or the Chilean peso, among many other denominations.

Even the euro experiences a sharp decline, due to the economic weakness of the Old Continent and because of the European Central Bank which have launched a scheme similar to that applied by its US counterpart, which pushes prices. As a result, the common currency is close to parity with the dollar, where capital flows from Europe to other countries in search of more attractive returns look kindly on Florida.

Also the difficulties found in Brazil, with a stagnant economy, and President Dilma Rousseff, with little leeway due to the corruption scandal involving Petrobras, have passed on account receivables in the real currency, which so far this year has fallen 18 percent.

Amid that general framework, it is important to note that two weeks ago, top economists chose June as the most probable time for the end of the Federal policy rates close to zero adopted in December 2008, but now everything indicates that the Fed will wait at least until September to raise the interest rates.

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