Eduardo Verastegui and his production “Little Boy”

By: Tanya Abad                      

“Little Boy” will be released next April 25 at the theaters in the country. In Miami, the media had access to its pre-release. It is a drama genre movie with a first class technical team directed by Alejandro Monteverde. Its writers are Alejandro Monteverde and Pepe Portillo. It features a cast of actors such as Kevin James, Emily Watson, David Henry, Tom Wilkinson, Michael Rapaport, and Ted Levine, among others.

Walk of Fame in Bayside Marketplace, Miami

Walk of Fame in Bayside Marketplace, Miami

The film critics have called it ‘powerful’, because it will be a touching story that will reveal the indescribable love that a father feels for his son and that a son feels for his father. This film is about
Pepper Flynt Busbee, a seven year old boy (played by Jakob Salvati), who is willing to do whatever it takes and how to use his faith to end of World War II so his father may come back home.
We met its producer, Eduardo Verastegui during the promotion of “Mall Cop 2”. We know that Eduardo Verastegui and Kevin James have told the media that they are friends. Eduardo reconfirmed it. “Kevin James is a great friend and when one becomes independent, in my case as a producer, one dreams of having great actors in your cast; and, well, I did not hesitate to call him and to tell him: “Kevin we have a movie called ‘Little Boy’. Although we do not have a budget, we would love you to be part of ‘Little Boy’ and here is the script.“  After he read it, he said: “I liked it and I want to be part of your Hispanic community and what I can do for your community I will do it my brother. I will not charge. You can count on me.” Then he donated his time, that’s amazing. That deepened our friendship.

CWN: Did Kevin James invite you to be part of his film “Mall Cop 2” which is a different genre that what you usually do?

EV: Yes, he called me and invited me to play a character. It was a challenge. Comedy is very difficult; it is not what I do. But he told me: “Do not worry. I’ll be there.” With his advice all went well. It is an action comedy but also with a great message.

CWN: How is Eduardo Verastegui in his role as producer?                  eduardo verastegui 3

EV: Obviously as a producer you have more responsibilities than as an actor. As an actor you focus only on the character and as a producer you are concentrated on all actors, in the budget, in having everything in order, then you do the distribution. As an independent producer it will be more difficult. I am very happy because this way, you can control the message and content of the story. For me, content is the most important. Content is the soul of the film or of the television program or of what you’re doing. It has a purity designed to make this world a better place.

CWN: What is the message in “Little Boy”?

EV: “The message is hope. We are basically living in a divided world. A world in pain, where people get sad and lose hope. I think with art you can heal the wounds and can bring hope. “Little Boy” has a message of hope.”

CWN: Could you invite the community to watch “Little Boy”?

EV: “Little Boy” has a message of hope, and as a filmmaker. I hope that people go to the movies and that hope reaches them.

CWN: Which of these two experiences, between comedy and drama, did you like more?

EV: Both of them, because I think everything goes hand in hand. I like to carry a message through different formats.

CWN: How do you see Eduardo Verastegui in 5 years from now?

EV: I do not know what to tell you, but I will still work in what I like and I feel passion for.

We congratulate Eduardo Verastegui for his work as producer in this amazing film. We wish him continuous success

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