EDITORIAL – Thank You Letter – On behalf of more than 16,000 Venezuelans, who attended the Plebiscite on July 16th at Cypress Bay High School, Weston, F

by Evelyn Alcala-Salswach, Editor

On behalf of the Venezuelan people and the staff of Ciudad Weston Newspaper, we would like to express our gratitude for a unconditional support provided by local leaders, volunteers and  Media, during the  Venezuelan Plebiscite held at Cypress Bay High School, Weston, Fl on July 16, 2017.

This meaningful event transcended the spirit of freedom by all the Venezuelans who visited the voting booths to protest a dictatorship in our country. Almost 8 million people in Venezuela and around the world said NO to President Nicolas Maduro that day.

Local leaders did not wait to show their support for this event, and to side with the opposition, because they strongly believe in the principles of freedom. It was an amazing demonstration of solidarity.  We are especially grateful for the support given by the Police Department and the Fire Department, for the donation of 80 boxes of bottled water but mostly, for their presence at the event and their overall friendliness.

All  Venezuelans residing in Weston, Fl want to extend their gratitude to the Mayor of the City of Weston, Daniel J. Stermer and Rick Stark, among other local personalities, who supported them during this journey, as they fully understand the perilous situation that Venezuelans is going through these last months  in our country.

The Venezuelan community of Weston is extremely grateful with  the Principal of Cypress Bay H. S.  Mr Scott Neely, who has given an enormous support to make this event possible within the last three weeks of its announcement, by providing the location, logistic and security to the Venezuelan Elections Organization presided by Maria Antonieta Diaz and 120 volunteers.

The almost 2 million Venezuelans who are living abroad have had to leave the country a decade ago, because the conditions were no longer appropriate to raise  children and families.

Most of us have become Americans, and we are striving to give the best of ourselves to this great nation.  We have learned that freedom and peace  are possible, despite our differences. We are very pleased to know that Venezuela can always count on you!

As a newspaper team, we will continue to support Venezuela in its search for peace and freedom and to overcome the harsh political and economic crisis it is suffering now. When things change, we will always remember  that  amazing political leaders  like yourselves, helped us carry the burden at this most critical moment. A struggle that already goes on for more than 18 years.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!


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