Choose the perfect Wedding Dress!

danielaChoose the perfect Wedding Dress!

By Daniela Urosa, Fashion Designer, Photo Credit: The Fashion Spot

For brides, it is always very important the day of the selection of the bridal gown and to find the right dress. Whether it fits well on her, according to her size or it is appropriate to the time of the wedding as it relates to the decoration of the reception. For example; if the wedding is in an open space with a large and majestic garden, then it calls for a dress with romantic and soft folds. On the other hand, if it is indoors with chandeliers with a vintage or old style decor, then the appropriate would be to wear a glamorous dress with steep contour and a long and dramatic tail.
When it comes to shapes of dresses, wide or pompous skirts are not in fashion. That does not mean you can’t wear them; but if we talk about trends, it is more of a fad, tight clothes with much less fabric, especially if we live in a tropical area like Florida. For starters, among the most popular designs is the design “A” which is a silhouetted style more fitting to women with thick legs and wider hips whose intent is to hide them, not flaunt them. This design would highlight the waistline and would make them look thinner at plain sight.

Nexnov2t is the “Fit and Flare” style which has a softer drop starting at the hips and is also appropriate for women who wish to thin out their figure and take away from the thick legs. Following, we have the “Trumpet” cut which is well known for its comfort among the tighter fits since it has a skinny fit silhouette but comfortable enough to walk and dance due to the above the knee line. This style goes well with thin and curvy bodies. Last but not least in importance is the famous “Mermaid” style that everybody loves and wants to wear. This silhouette style is striking and sexy and is sought out by most brides. It is recommended to use in thin bodies with a small waistline and average to medium height.

Speaking of the height of the bride. If you are a woman of short stature, it is not recommended to wear styles with horizontal designs, whether “trumpet” or “mermaid” since it shortens your figure and makes you look less proportioned. If styles are not important to you and you wish to wear any style nonetheless, then I recommend that you add nothing that takes away height, meaning a belt or something at the waistline which will make you look shorter. Then we have women of medium to tall heights who are blessed to wear any style. Those who are too thin and too tall should avoid the empire style since it may makes them look taller and figureless.

My dear bride, these were some important tips to consider when choosing your gowns. That day you must feel and look like the most beautiful princess of your own fairy tale! When the time comes to say “Yes” to your dress, you will simply feel it…. Good luck.!


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