A Children’s Carousel, in Weston A first quality pre-school

A Children’s Carousel, in Weston

A first quality pre-school

by Tanya Abad, tanyaabad2016@gmail.com


# 6A Children’s Carousel has been serving the community of Weston for more than 20 years. It is the best quality learning center for children in the whole  South West part of Broward County. The school earned its reputation in the community by being awarded several awards such as the Gold Seal.


The school offers programs of age relevant subjects to children adjusting to their individual needs. The plan of study for the younger ones offer the children, practical experiences in early  alphabetization, mathematics, science, foreign languages, cultural diversity, geography, music and art by  providing the children many opportunities to explore and use their small and large motor sense abilities. Furthermore, the culinary classes are intended to reinforce mathematics, science and the social life of the child.


Children are motivated to socialize in a positive way by using problem solving abilities that involve verbal, audio and group activities. This promotes positive interactions among classmates in recess time because the school has a nursery and a musical garden.


The staff is higly qualified and all the teachers are certified and experienced as well as trained in more progressive methods for early education as part of the service to the institution. The team of members takes early education very seriously and is proud of all the awards and accreditations received.


The school has high standards for the children since 95 % of its pre-school graduates can read, write and tie their own shoes. No wonder, it has the highest score of voluntary pre-kinder (VPK) in all  Broward county.


What makes “A Children’s Carousel “ different from other schools?

It has a whole section called Carousel City which offers children a variety of opportunities to experiment many activities as though they were in an actual city. For example; a coffee shop, a grocery store,a theater, a pet store, etc.


Veronica Zea, one of the new administrative assistants showed us the premises and told us about the recent visit from Mrs Wang, the well re-known educator and owner of QiYuan International school of China, which just became affiliated with “A Children’s Carousel”. Mrs Wang had the privilage to see the school up close and view the educational excercises implemented there. She gave a speech to the staff and parents on the latest teaching methods used in her country of origin.


What else can we tell our readers about this great institution created exclusively for the betterment of children of this community? “A Children’s Carousel” offers very flexible schedules to help acomódate each student and parent. It also offers summer camps and after class care, etc.


# 2The Director Anne Fischer, told us that “ it has been a privilege serving the Weston community for two decades and I  hope there will be many more”.The Ceo, Mr. Terry Chemtov along with the Director, invite the community to visit “ A Children’s Carousel” located at  1051 Shotgun Rd, Weston, FL 33326. Phone: (954) 424-1898.


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