Between loves and dreams

In today’s complex and polarized world, love should be the most powerful weapon for the evolution of humanity, so that future generations can coexist in a more tolerant, peaceful and harmonious environment, with nature.

In this edition, CIUDAD WESTON NEWSPAPER, on this occasion of Valentine’s month, talks about love from the point of view of children, and takes a few snippets from historic love letters. Mahatma Ghandi said at one time that dreams seem impossible at the beginning, then, improbable, and when we commit ourselves, they become inevitable. We also talk about the right and the capability we all have to dream, to desire a better life, and to fight for better living and coexisting conditions. This motivates millions of dreamers in the world to emigrate from their native lands. There are individuals who dream of a less divided world, more amicable, and respectful of its environment; a world where the other is not seen as enemy, but rather as complement. Some are hungry for power to control and dominate, while many must flee from their countries so that their fears do not become greater than their dreams.

We are all dreamers, and there are millions of dreams in the world and hundreds of aspirations in each individual’s life. It doesn’t matter how unlikely their realization seems. There are all kinds of dreams, as well as, successful experiences, so, it’s possible to realize them. Our capability to dream humanizes us, and it shouldn’t have limits. There is no possible world without the dreams of those who inhabit it. Dreaming is a choice to put together efforts and obtain common purposes for wellbeing.

With these pages, we invite you to keep dreaming, don’t get unmotivated at work; keep your aspirations and efforts, if you desire a better country, and a more peaceful world with better conditions for an integral, happy existence.  What is your dream of a better world, and how would you achieve it? It’s a question we leave with our readers. We hope you will send your opinions to our email, and social media. Good luck, and until next time!

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