6 Tips to Look Picture Perfect When You Wake Up!

6 Tips to Look Picture Perfect When You Wake Up!

By Stephanie A. Stover, MD, board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Pierini Esthetic Surgery.

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You’ve seen it in the media, both traditional and social: celebrities that claim they “woke up like this.”  The frustration? When most of us look in the mirror, we know that we, well… didn’t.

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But I’m here to let you in on a few tips: there are a number of tricks to cut time off your morning routine, from simple to surgical.

  1. Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up and keep chugging throughout the day. Your skin is like a sponge, and when you consume the proper amount of water for your body weight, it’ll look moist and refreshed.
  2. Wakeup with makeup. Let’s be clear: I DO want you to wash your face and enjoy a proper skincare routine before you go to bed each night. But what I’m talking about is the option of permanent makeup, like eyeliner, lip liner, color and more.
  3. Ditch the dark circles.Certain people, no matter how much water they drink or how many hours of sleep they enjoy, inevitably have dark circles under their eyes.  With today’s beauty options, there are a number of things that eliminate covering up those circles from your daily regime, including prescription creams and injectables in the tear trough.
  4. Banish age spots.  Admit it: you spend time each morning covering up age spots that have long since taken up residence on your complexion.  While we recommend a wonderful vitamin C serum and hydroquinone cream to achieve this correction topically, there are also a number of laser treatments to help reduce, even eliminate, age spots and acne scars from your complexion.
  5. Eliminate the need for mascara.Not a new option, but still a wonderful one: Latisse, the most recognized brand.  Although patients do need a prescription to obtain it from their provider, it’s one I’ve seen work wonders with our patients to lengthen their lashes, time and time again. We now have a new option. Alphaeon Eyelash Serum is a brand new product that does not need a prescription and works wonderfully as well.
  6. Look into a lift.  As we age, so does our skin.  My patients tell me often that people around them ask if they’re tired, when in reality they’ve gotten a full 8 hours of sleep.  If you have bags under your eyes or skin that hangs over the lids of your eyes, you may be a candidate for a blepharoplasty, which removes the excess fat pads and sagging skin.  A surgical procedure, there’s a short recovery time associated with this procedure, of course.   However, an upper blepharoplasty will help improve the line of vision previously impaired by drooping eyelids as well as provide a refreshed look.

Stephanie A. Stover, M.D., is board certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery serving as the medical director for Pierini: A Solution For Beauty (www.PieriniBroward.com), located in Tamarac/Coral Springs, and Pierini Esthetic Surgery (www.PieriniEsthetic.com), located in Doral. Dr. Stover is affiliated with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, American College of Surgeons, Florida Medical Association and the American Medical Association.  To book an appointment, call (754) 222-3503.

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